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Suzette Howe

family 2014wSuzette Howe is a native Tucsonan, who cares deeply about this community and the future of those who live here in Tucson, Pima County, and the state of Arizona. She has been working in the field of design and print production since graduating high school by utilizing her talents and taking opportunities with print companies, newspapers and private companies.

After years of creating Award-winning materials for the companies she worked at in the market place, she desired to invest more of her personal and professional talents specifically targeting businesses and ministries. She began her own business in 1994 as a single mom of two small boys with a dream to better our community through direct involvement and transformation.  Praise Promotions is uniting Marketing Experts with Business Owners who desire to create more effective marketing and business results.

Now married almost 18 years, three children and still passionate about the city she grew up in, Suzette is serving in ways she never imagined.

*Owner of Praise Promotions, LLC, serving the Tucson community through marketing and graphics, 20+ years

* Former Publication Manager of the Tucson Christian Business Directory, 19+ years

* Former Co-owner of Howe International, an internet/franchise development business, 7 years

* Former Singles Ministry Leader – 5 years; Celebrate Recovery Leader – 2 years, Ladies Leadership Facilitator – 3 years

* Community Speaker – 6 + years

* Currently Advisory Board Member Pima County National Day of Prayer, formerly Pima County Coordinator – 8 years

* Former Teacher – 6 years, currently Prayer Team Leader and Partner at Alive Church – 24 years

* Former Director of Peace In Preparedness, a faith-based organization to educate and prepare individuals for emergency situations – 3 years

* Former Certified Growth Coach – 1 year

* Member 4Tucson – 5 years

Her Personal Vision: To encourage 1000s of people, multi national, multi cultural, to celebrate a victorious life in Jesus Christ.

Suzette works together with other business owners and companies to offer Full Service Marketing. She is also an experienced consultant in event planning, media information and social media planning.


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